True Blood: Revenge, Abortion & A Womanly God

So much happened in last's night's episode, so many truths were revealed, and yet: We still have so many questions!

  • When Eric finally reminded Russell that Russell had killed his family a thousand years ago, did he really think that Russell would give a shit?
  • Did you guffaw when Pam called Bill an "infatuated tween"?
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  • What the hell is going on with Jesus?
  • Can you believe Hoyt's mama and Summer are in cahoots? Is Hoyt's mama going to join up with Tara and Arlene and the rest of the anti-vampire folks? Is Hoyt's mama the one handing out faux eyelashes to the other castmembers?
  • Why are Hoyt and Jessica so hot together?!?!?! And why don't we get more fierce females like Jessica?
  • Why was Sam so out of control at Merlotte's?
  • Who the hell cares if Kitch is on V? Why is Jason even getting distracted by that dumb storyline?
  • How come Arlene, who has exhibited a distaste for the supernatural stuff, went ahead and tried a Wiccan abortion? And since it didn't seem to work, is she actually going to give birth to some serial-killing demon spawn?
  • Did Tara and Sam hook up for a self-loathing hatefuck because they're at such low points, or do they really have a connection?
  • How great were Eric's last words to Pam: "You know I love you more when you're cold and heartless"?
  • Are Eric and Russell really dead? Is Pam rich now?
  • "Fuckin' fairies! Who knew?" EVERYONE.
  • Where the hell is Alcide?

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I formulated a bit of theory in regards to why Eric won't die but Russell will last night, it sort of ties in to something in the books. I think because he has had Sookie's blood before his tolerance to the sun will be much stronger than Russell's because of the blood bond they've formed. That's what I'm telling myself anyway, I sure as hell wouldn't watch this anymore if they took Eric away!