All the Looks on the Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet, Starring Queen Mother Janet Jackson

I’m going to be honest: I had to turn off the Billboard Music Awards a few moments in, unofficially because Westworld was starting, officially because I could not deal with Kelly Clarkson as host. That doesn’t mean I didn’t flip to the ultimate queen and my birthday twin Janet Jackson when she performed; it does mean…


Woman Who Once Dressed Like a Sexy Can of Whipped Cream Says Duchess of Sussex's Dress Was Ill-Fitting

Katy Perry—a woman who has dressed like a literal piece of candy, a geisha, a carousel, a sexy whipped cream can, a movie ticket, dime store Cleopatra, a graffitied wall, Britney Spears circa 2001, Armie Hammer, an angel fit for the top of Christmas tree, and whatever this was, to name just a few—has a problem with…

California Lawmaker Wants to Extend Health Coverage to All Undocumented Immigrants in His State 

As the world around us burns like one massive tire fire, please allow me to share one piece of hopeful news: A state senator in California, taking a shit all over Donald Trump’s racist immigration agenda, has drafted a bill that would offer health insurance coverage for all undocumented immigrants in the state.