I Missed My Chance to Hold Marie Antoinette's Jewels and I'm So Mad I Could Freakin Scream 

Did you know that Sotheby’s, as part of an auction that takes place tomorrow in Geneva, had some of Marie Antoinette’s remaining jewels on display in right here New York City, and that visitors could even touch them? I did not, and consequently, I’m going to be angry at myself forever.

Aretha Franklin Concert Film Amazing Grace Was Worth the 46-Year Wait

It comes as no surprise that Sydney Pollack’s Amazing Grace is 87 minutes of sheer excellence. The long-lost movie captured the recording of Aretha Franklin’s landmark 1972 live gospel album Amazing Grace and remained unreleased (due to sound issues and then litigation on the part of Franklin) until its Monday…

Patricia Arquette Says She Still Makes Less Than Her Male Co-Stars Because of 'Bullshit Structure'

Remember the time Patricia Arquette made Meryl Streep stand up at the Oscar and shout “Yes! Yes!” by talking about ending the gender pay gap in Hollywood? That was over four years ago, and producers are still giving Arquette poor deals and finding new and creative ways to pay her less than her male co-stars.