California Lawmaker Wants to Extend Health Coverage to All Undocumented Immigrants in His State 

As the world around us burns like one massive tire fire, please allow me to share one piece of hopeful news: A state senator in California, taking a shit all over Donald Trump’s racist immigration agenda, has drafted a bill that would offer health insurance coverage for all undocumented immigrants in the state.

Hillary Clinton Endorses Andrew Cuomo for Governor, Which Means She Does Not Endorse Cynthia Nixon

We haven’t heard a ton from Hillary Clinton in the way of political endorsements since the election, which was either, like, six months ago or three years ago, I can never remember. But a spokesperson for the former Secretary of State confirmed to the New York Times that Clinton is endorsing Andrew Cuomo in the…


Justin Theroux Has a Giant Rat Tattoo on His Back, and He Showed It To Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness

Lover of both leather and sweatpants Justin Theroux revealed he isn’t the only Hollywood hunk of a certain age with an unusual animal tattooed on his back at this weekend’s Vulture Festival in New York City. During a conversation with podcast host and breakout Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness, the former Mr. Jennifer

Oh No, Rudy Giuliani Says the Mueller Probe Might End by September, Trump Will Get so Bored!

Rudy Giuliani, who keeps popping up on my TV no matter how many times I spray it with Raid, is now heading Donald Trump’s legal team, for we are trapped in an endless loop of ‘90s cut-for-time sketches. But Rudy says we won’t be stuck with him for long—he expects Mueller’s probe will conclude by September 1, which is…