We Will Pay Post Malone $37.18 to Not Perform at Justin Bieber's Wedding

Post Malone, a man whose stage name rhymes with Moist Trombone, is really happy for his friend Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin and eager to be included in their wedding. So eager, in fact, that the rapper told TMZ he would love to perform on their special day, and that “fuck yeah” he would do it for free.

CVS Pharmacist Allegedly Humiliated, Denied a Woman Her Hormone Therapy Medication  

Arizona woman Hilde Hall has testified to a nightmare experience at a CVS pharmacy where she had gone in April to fill her first prescription to begin her hormone therapy treatment. Hall’s story comes just one month after an Arizona Walgreens pharmacist legally denied abortion medication to a woman who’d found out…

Lauren Greenfield on Generation Wealth and the Culture of Money That Made Trump Possible

In the 1990s, director/photographer Lauren Greenfield began a project taking pictures of high school students at her affluent Los Angeles alma mater, Crossroads. One of the shots was of a group of boys flashing what Greenfield thought were dollar bills at her. Later at home, when she reviewed the camera’s film, she…

Rediscovered Texas Cemetery Contains Remains of Dozens of African Americans Forced Into Convict Labor 

Archeologists say that the remains of around 95 people recently discovered on a Texas construction site almost certainly belonged to African Americans essentially made to work as slaves after the institution’s official abolition, part of the state’s post-Civil War convict lease system.