LeBron James Really Found a Way to Make Us Watch the Space Jam Sequel

I previously had no intention of watching the sequel to Space Jam, even with LeBron James’s involvement. It wasn’t gonna be on my To Do list. I remember the original Michael Jordan-starring Space Jam being oodles of fun and displays of athleticism when I saw it during a class trip, but not enough to welcome a sequel…

Save Over 50% On Alice + Whittles' Rain Boots And Get Some Style With That Utility

Alice + Whittles is the footwear brand that made us rethink rain boots entirely, showing us there’s style to be had with functionality. Right now Alice + Whittles is having a We Made Too Much sale, marking down all of their pastel ankle boots from $160 to just $75. Choose from colors dusk, coral, pink, and blue.

23 Things You Need to Know About This Year's Super Bowl Halftime Performers!

The NFL just announced who’s headlining next year’s Super Bowl halftime show, and, per Variety, it’s gonna be Maroon 5. Maybe you know them. Maybe you don’t. In case you don’t, we’ve assembled a helpful list of everything you need to know about them. Not might want. Need.

Theories on How Lindsay Lohan Will Appear in Life-Size 2 If She's Not Actually in It

Life-Size, the 2000 Disney Channel original movie starring Tyra Banks as a living doll and Lindsay Lohan as a grieving tween who brings her to life, is getting a sequel this holiday season as part of Freefrom’s 25 Days of Christmas programming. The catch: Lindsay Lohan won’t actually be there. Or will she?

Attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford Demand an FBI Investigation: 'Any Talk of a Hearing on Monday Frankly Is Premature'

We may not hear from Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has alleged that a teenage Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her while at a house party, on Monday after all. As Politico and others reported on Tuesday night, Ford’s attorneys have requested that the FBI conduct an investigation into her allegations as a first…