Downton Abbey still a real fancy fucking house in the first teaser for its big screen debut

Confirming that, yes, Downton Abbey is still a house that could, charitably, be described as “fancy as fuck” now that it’s making the move to the big screen, Focus Features released the first teaser trailer for the series’ feature film continuation onto the internet today.

Pitbull Samples Toto's 'Africa' (Yes), and Ariana Grande Slows It Down on 'Imagine'

Sure: Pitbull, “Ocean to Ocean,” feat. Rhea - On paper, the concept of this song is a travesty. Why is Pitbull sampling Toto’s “Africa”? Why is it for the Aquaman soundtrack??? But it is the holidays, and I’m in a giving mood, and this song is actually good. “They tried to get rid of me/But from ocean to ocean, they…