Open Thread: Let's Celebrate Drake's Birthday and Scorpio Season

Aubrey Drake Graham is many things. He is a rapper, a singer, Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend/maybe boyfriend/who the hell knows. Drake is a dork and he is his own next door neighbor. He is a man who loves his mother and foam parties and Serena Williams and bagel sandwiches. Drake maybe owns a strip club. Sometimes he has a beard and sometimes he doesn’t. On occasion, Drake lies. And if you’re really special, he might buy you a billboard.


Today, Drake is 30 years old. Let us now celebrate his birth, give a warm welcome to Scorpio Season, which kicked-off yesterday, and talk shit about all the moody, sometimes petty, often dramatic, yet curiously lovable men we keep in our lives.

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I will post non-Drake things because I haven’t been to SNS lately. I hope Drake won’t mind.

Dating question: What is an acceptable level of contact to expect from someone you’ve been out with a handful of times? And what is the best way to ask for that if you’re not getting enough? I’ve been seeing someone for about a month now. He works long hours, and given his profession I know he can’t really text while he’s in the office. But it bothers me that he almost never initiates contact. My view is that it takes five minutes to text and ask someone how their day was, so I feel that if someone isn’t sending that text once every few days, it’s probably because they don’t care. But maybe not everyone feels that way.