Beardless Drake Claims He's Never Texted a Nude Selfie

Drake and his unfortunately beardless face appears on The Ellen Show today to talk about his “intense” Saturday Night Live experience and how he and Rihanna are just friends. He also played a quick “Never Have I Ever” game with Jared Leto.

First, we have to get past the fact that there’s a strange stubble where a beautifully scruffy beard once was, an important point Ellen never asks Drake about for some reason. Instead, they talk about SNL. Describing his hosting/performing gig this past Saturday, Drake tells Ellen, “It’s one of the most intense talent gauntlets I’ve ever been put through,” sounding exhausted. After being shown a photo of himself and Rihanna grinding on stage during one of her ANTI tour stops, Drake notes, “That’s friendship at it’s finest right there.”


Ellen then does the great thing where she embarrasses her celebrity guest by frightening the shit out of them, this time with a dude who pops out of a box near the couch. Randomly, in true Ellen fashion, Drake ends up playing a game of “Never Have I Ever” with Leto in which we learn they’ve both hooked up with a fan on tour, Googled themselves, and made out with a person twice their age, and that Drake has never texted a nude selfie.

Hm. Sure.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Ken Yadiggit

Let’s play never have I ever!

Any of y’all been caught doing it in public?