The Care & Grooming Of Your Nethers

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Welcome to Jezebel After Midnight, in which we indulge in sexy sex talk.
At dinner last night, my friends and I got into a conversation about bleached assholes. Anal bleaching has been around for a while, but still — when someone you know encounters a lightened bung hole, it does raise an eyebrow. (One place that offers this service is called, no lie, Pink Cheeks.)

Some ladies get Brazilian waxes. I've known gentlemen to shave all their pubic hair altogether. Along with anal bleaching, some women are into lightening their nipples. And let us not forget vajazzling. And penizzling.

One the one hand: Devoting time and attention to sensitive, sensual areas can look good… And feel good. But personally? Despite all the options, I think there's something super sexy about the untouched, untamed wilderness that is an unwaxed, unbleached, au naturel genital area. Kept clean. Of course. But when everyone is waxed and plucked and trimmed, isn't there something naughty — and novel — about a full-on retrobush? Or maybe I just hope so because I hate the itch of ingrown hairs.


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Uh, I have a really unsexy approach to my downstairs hair. First off, my pubic hair dose not curl. It just sort of puffs out looking like the hair of a creepy cult leader (you're welcome for that image BTW). So to deal with that unholy mess, I shave it all off, let it grow out until it's starts leaning towards cult leader status and then shave it again.

Which leads me to a question, does anyone else have straight pubic hair and how the hell do you handle it?