Sex With Substance(s): Ever Do It After Getting High?

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Welcome to Jezebel After Midnight, in which we indulge in sexy sex talk.

Just say no. Don't do drugs. If you've never done drugs, don't start now. But for those of you who have done drugs: Confess. Ever have sex while high? Do you enjoy it?


When I was in college, my friend and her boyfriend were into having sex on X. Amazing, unbelievable, intense, she said, with a wild glint in her eye that, frankly, scared me. I know a guy who loves to take a couple of hits from a fat joint before a long, languid love-making session. I've heard rumors about mushrooms, but can't confirm or deny anything. Cocaine doesn't seem like a good choice, but who knows? Rock stars and celebrities seem to dream up all kinds of combinations. Then there are prescriptions: Viagra, Adderall, Xanax, Oxy. Some make you feel up, some make you feel down, some make you feel inside out and sideways.

Sex itself can induce a hazy, half-lucid mindset. With the physical closeness, the focus and the "let's shut out the world" vibe, intoxication can come from your partner, or the act itself. It's an alluring high all on its own, but obviously taking things one step higher is tempting. Thoughts?


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Kat Callahan

Absolutely not. Not even with alcohol. Waaaaay too much room for error regarding consent.