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Aunt Becky 'Would Love to Return to TV' After Prison Because She Is 'An Eternal Optimist'

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While the rest of the world considers systemic racial inequality, law enforcement and prison reform and that pesky global health crisis that killed over 100,000 Americans as of May 27, Aunt Becky is still embroiled in the ongoing college admissions scandal.


A brief refresher: she and her husband Mossimo Giannulli allegedly dropped $500,000 in bribes to get their daughters Olivia Jade and the other one into USC. They pleaded not guilty. On May 22, Becky and Giannulli finally pleaded guilty after having reached a plea agreement 14 months since charges were first filed. They’re expected to pay a combined $400,000, participate in 350 hours of community service, and serve some prison time—two months for Becky and five for Giannulli—if a judge accepts those terms. (And if they do, perhaps Becky and Giannulli will pull a Felicity Huffman and get out early for good behavior.) Now, they’re looking towards the future—and Becky wants her career back.

Us Weekly spoke to an anonymous source who revealed that Becky is “an eternal optimist” who “would love to return to TV” and “eventually, [wants to] tell her side of the story.” I mean, duh. What is the point of committing a crime and going to prison as a famous person if you don’t expect to immediately monetize it once you’re out? As my colleague Joan Summers pointed out last month, her image rehabilitation begins now, not after she faces any consequence.


Meanwhile, Olivia Jade made a donation to the National Bail Out Fund not long after learning about her privilege for the first time four days ago. As for the other one: nobody knows!

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Now, they’re looking towards the future—and Becky wants her career back.

As much as I want this to be true:

Let’s face it, she’ll have a Lifetime deal by Thanksgiving.