The New Bond Is the Old Bond

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Daniel Craig is the best, hottest Bond we’ve yet been gifted with, and he’s absolutely hated it. Nonetheless, Craig has heeded the call of the franchise and will don the tux once more. And that’s it! Maybe.


The New York Times reports that Eon Productions and MGM are expecting a script from Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, which will result in a final (?) Craig performance in theaters in 2019. Craig’s first Bond movie, Casino Royale, came out in 2006. That’s 13 years of looking cool, drinking cocktails, and having sex with women who mostly end up dead. Sounds exhausting.

There still hasn’t been an official announcement, though anonymous insiders insist Craig will show up on set:

The companies said in a statement that details about a distribution partner, international release dates and the film’s cast and director would be announced “at a later date.” But Mr. Craig’s return is a done deal, according to two people briefed on the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid conflicts with Eon and MGM.


And who else would it be? Tom Hiddleston ruined his chances, our thirst for Idris Elba messed up that prospect. Lots of people have been pushing for more diversity in the 007 series, maybe even a woman in the lead?! Charlize Theron is currently busy promoting her Atomic Blonde lead with constant interviews about getting kicked in the mouth, but if scenes from that film aren’t a good case for a woman Bond, what is!

Pictures of hot people who could be Bond are welcome in the comments. However, at the moment, Craig is the man for the job. They say the number 13 is unlucky, but Bond always bucks the odds.

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Mortal Dictata

I’d enjoy a Tom Hardy Bond.

His role in Legend displayed he can do a suave feel.

Hell fuck it, bring on Hardy and have a 60s retro Bond series.