Is Lana Del Rey...Flirting with Jake Tapper?

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Hello, somehow after several consecutive Wednesday mornings it is once again Sunday evening, and I have an important question: Is Lana Del Rey flirting with Jake Tapper?


When the CNN anchor tweeted a corny joke about the Trump campaign’s bizarre decision to hold a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping—not at all associated with Four Seasons, the ritzy hotel chain—Del Rey replied with a photo of herself laughing and biting the tip of her finger.

Under ordinary circumstances, I might put this in the category of wacky and mostly inexplicable celeb behavior and not give it a second thought. But since this drawn-out election has led to tons of people openly declaring their horniness for New York Times pollster Nate Cohn and MSNBC map guy Steve Kornacki, it seems not entirely unlikely that Del Rey could be crushing on Tapper.

It’s been a hard year and an exhausting week. And, lest we forget, Del Rey is single (as far as I know) after breaking up with her boyfriend, who was a cop. I say shoot your shot, Lana!

Ciara’s 3-year-old daughter Sienna got so excited about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ election victory that she exclaimed, “And the covid is over!”


Ciara reminded her, and us, that while Trump has been voted out, the country is still very much not ok!!


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The only thing Elizabeth Woolridge Grant ever did right was insult Moby to his face and have Moby unironically include that insult in his book.

Everything else is pure thirst.

Another fun fact. Tapper used to date Monica Lewinsky in the 90s pre-scandal and before he was married. So when Elizabeth Woolridge Grant was about ten.