Not to Ruin the Saturday Night Social, but the Pandemic's Getting Worse

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Debbie Downer wasn’t able to sign the necessary G/O Media paperwork to get started as a freelancer in time for tonight’s Saturday Night Social blog, what with her being a fictional character from like 20 years ago and all, but don’t worry—here’s me! Reminding you amidst all the Joe Biden victory celebrations that the coronavirus pandemic is still really bad and, if anything, only getting worse.


The United States reported over 1,140 covid-related deaths on Friday, according to CNN, marking the fourth consecutive day with more than 1,000 deaths per day—something that hasn’t happened since August. Friday also set a new record for daily infections for the third day in a row, per The New York Times, with the U.S. reporting over 132,000 new cases on Friday. More than a third of all states set statewide records for daily new cases, demonstrating how the pandemic’s latest surge is not regionalized, as previous ones were, but truly nationwide.

There have been 234,264 covid-related deaths in the U.S. since the pandemic began by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s count, with over 9.5 million total cases. An influential model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine predicted last month that as many as 400,000 Americans will have died by Feb. 1, less than two weeks after Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris are expected to be sworn in. Here’s hoping that, unlike their predecessors, they’ll actually do something meaningful to stop all this needless death and suffering.

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Ever have one of those moments where you realize you are truly lucky to be alive ? Today is one of those days ! (We’re really ok) BUT the tiny human & I were hit and than side swiped by a drunk driver this morning. Somehow I managed to stay on the road. I don’t even know how as we were both doing at least 70MPH. We are truly ok & that is all that matters. Thing that freaks me out the most tho, is about 5 minutes before it happened I had this feeling. I can’t put it into words. But I knew .... Photos are my car and the beach afterwards (and yesterday) because I really needed it