I Don't Want to See Anyone's Belly Button Ever Again

On Thursday, supermodel Bella Hadid attended Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Fashion Week show at the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris. Naturally, she wore the namesake designer’s clothing to the event, which included not low-rise pants but baggy pants worn low across her hips. They might’ve been men’s pants, who knows, I’m no expert. I am, however, upset about it: There’s something like two inches of exposed flesh just south of her belly button, a region any reasonable person would hide beneath a pair of flattering high-waisted pants, as is the current trend. Obviously, Hadid is supernaturally beautiful, so she looks great in those terrible trousers, but she is also a tastemaker. This leaves me concerned. I don’t want the rest of us to be forced to look terrible in those terrible trousers.

As my colleagues have pointed out to me privately, her look is extremely “1998 Skate Betty,”and also “very Delia’s.” As I am pointing out here—it’s simply ugly. The color itself is beautiful—is that Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, classic blue, I spy?—but the fit leaves much to be desired. The pants are not dissimilar to Dickies, which normally I’d be all about, but here make her look like a starting character in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game franchise and by that I mean... glitchy? Her top looks like a large luggage tag. Halter tops in general should’ve been eradicated from the earth a decade ago, but alas, what once was popular will surely return.


Hadid has had many killer looks in the past, but this one just ain’t cutting it for me. Don’t come crying to me when all fast fashion brand are pushing for this in 2022. That is, if any of them are still in business.

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I think she looks fine physically and feel we shouldn’t body shame anyone. If she has a curvy belly and great skin south and north of her navel, more power to her. Wasn’t even bothered by the Britney look circa 2001-2 when nobody was sure how young woman’s pants didn’t just fall down as they rode so low.

The clothes are horrendous, however, and if there’s anything to nitpick is she has a dead-in-the-eyes look that I guess will always be a thing with supermodels, which I suspect is because most supermodels are dead inside and the men that cast them like necrophilia.