Forever 21 Files for Bankruptcy

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Pour one out for all those polyester maxi dresses and cheap shoes, because Forever 21 has filed for bankruptcy. The New York Times reports the brand will close up to 178 stores in the United States, with a total of 350 stores closed.


But it’s not exactly the end of Forever 21. The brand will still operate stores in the United States, Mexico, and Latin America, as well as sell on its website, though it’s safe to say the mall staple will no longer be as ubiquitous as it once was. “We do want to make sure we get ahead of things and that we’re not just staying still while the consumers are changing,” the company’s vice president Linda Chang said of the bankruptcy.

The news of bankruptcy comes soon after an expensive lawsuit filed by Ariana Grande, alleging the company of stealing her image to sell products. In addition to being behind the times in terms of where increasingly eco-conscious young people shop for clothes (read: not malls anymore) Forever 21 also suffered a series of PR mishaps, including sending diet bars to customers and copying indie brands.

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Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance

I don’t get the “malls are dying” schtick. Yes, many malls have closed. In almost every case that I’ve personally seen where a mall has closed, there has been a newer/bigger/better/nicer mall within a couple of miles that was still thriving. People still go to malls to shop. Our local mall was packed during back to school time, and it’s always packed during the holidays. And yes it has lost a Sears, but it’s gained a movie theater in the space where Mervyn’s (remember Mervyn’s?) used to be, and there are new businesses moving in all the time, including a quite-large-but-not-quite-anchor-sized H&M.