Kim Kardashian has a little something to share. It’s a sweet, tender sentiment that undoubtedly comes straight from the heart, meant to grace our eyes and fill us with warmth through these trying times; a gentle reminder that somewhere in the vast sprawl of Los Angeles County, Kim Kardashian is thinking about us.


“Just a message to say I love you guys all so much!” Kardashian tweeted (and posted on Instagram).

Kim... thank you. But, uh, where the hell are you?


This room seems out of place in the eerily white and menstruation-unfriendly Kardashian-West home, so where is she taking these thirst traps with her lil’ handbag? A sad, windowless lawyer’s office? A hotel room? A new walk-in pantry? Girl, where are you?

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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