Yeah I think that’s true. I want to talk to you again after it airs.

Email me afterwards! The other day I was like, Tia’s already angling to be the Bachelorette, and people were sending me spoiler-esque remarks back, and I was like, uhhh no!


My only question is, how can you avoid them? It seems like particularly for you it would be hard.

Yeah, it is hard. Other than not following Reality Steve. I’ve been thinking, should I put some sort of disclaimer on my [Twitter bio]. But that doesn’t even work. And then this always happens, probably next week I will hear something about what it is and I’ll be like, fuck, I’ll just read it before the end. [Ed. Note: Unfortunately, Kaufman has indeed found herself spoiled accidentally.] I think it’s more fun to not know. Like, last night I knew that Clare was getting proposed to and it wasn’t as fun.


I was wondering if writing the book has tapped you out on the franchise or kind of kept you the same. Are you going to take a Bachelor break? I felt a little tapped out, which is why I’ve not been very invested in this season. But part of it is just that I started to feel like, okay, this is not going to evolve at the pace that I want it to.

Yeah, it’s not.

They have Rachel [the first black person to helm the show], this incredible, beautiful, smart, diverse lead and then they just go right back to the same old thing that they were always doing.


It’s hard. Now I feel like it’s part of my identity almost, I’m like, fuck, I can’t just stop watching The Bachelor. But then there’s moments like last night where I’m truly like, I fucking love this show, I enjoyed every minute of watching Bachelor Winter Games and I hope all these couples work out, I’m going to follow them all on Instagram. I was like, hardcore in. And then there are other moments, like Arie’s season, where I’m like, oh my god. But who knows, then if the finale’s crazy I’ll be like, yes! The show still has it, you know?

A lot of people have been asking me, what would you do to change The Bachelor, how would you like to see it evolve? And of course a lot of times I’ll say, which I’m sure you’ll agree with, diversifying the body types, diversifying the sexual orientations, diversifying the race, but they also just need to strike a balance between delivering us the things we love, which are fantasy suites, hometowns—things that are tried and true that you know take place every year that we need the routine of, while still finding some way to spice it up. And I think this season with Arie would have been a good opportunity to get outside of the recycling old people trope. [Ed. Note: The show tends to pick as their new leads rejected contestants from the season prior.] Because I feel like they’re at a moment where it’s like that period of time where Mike Fleiss will talk about Matt Grant and Lorenzo the Prince and Charlie O’Connell, and he’s like, we were in a downswing and then we figured out Jason Mesnick and they started that whole recycling thing. That’s kind of where they’re at. They need to do a fundamental shift if they want another 10 years out of this.


Maybe I’m a crazy person and if they tried to make it the show I want it to be, it would be really boring and no one would watch it and it would be killed in a day.

What’s the show you’d want it to be?

I don’t know, where people are treated better...and then I’m thinking, well, is it really fair that one man dates 25 women? No, so maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to, but then that’s the premise of the show! [Laughs]


Right, so then you can’t change that. Also these fucking people sign up for it. They’re not being forced to be there.

Yeah, you can’t forget that detail of it. It’s just funny, your brain really starts to go down a weird spiral.


Right, why are they competing for him?! Because they literally auditioned to!

Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure comes out tomorrow.