The Dixie Chicks Cover 'Wrecking Ball' And It's Everything You'll Want

Miley's been doing a lot of covers lately. It seems that a new one pops up almost every week while she's on tour. First, she covered "Hey Ya," and then she brought out her glitter cap and cell phone (learn the lyrics, Miley!) to do "Landslide" to the delight of an arena full of fans (who sang along because you can't hear that song without A) singing in a choked-up voice and B) crying a little).

Well, now the tables have turned — that came out sounding more sinister than I intended — with this great cover of "Wrecking Ball" performed live by the Dixie Chicks. This version of the song is painful, mature and features the beautiful harmonies the Dixie Chicks are known for. It's also completely memorized and doesn't feature any unfurled tongue, so there's that.


What do you think? Better than the original?

h/t: Gella

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Mark! MAAaARK!?!! Did you hear Tori's new song?