Miley Cyrus Covers 'Landslide' And It's Pretty Awesome

Yes, she's wearing a shirt with her face on it (this is going to be a new fashion trend, I can feel it! I just ordered ten with my own face on them) and yes she's using her phone to read the lyrics to the song (because she hasn't done it in a while), but goddamn if this cover of landslide isn't utterly listenable. Miley even sounds a little like Stevie Nicks if you close your eyes and listen with only one ear. But if you close your eyes you're going to miss her amazing sparkle hat. How much do you think the tour is saving on strobe lighting with that thing? Sparkle on, Miley! Sparkle on!


Of course the best cover of Landslide is right here:


Professional Widow

Tori can cover absolutely anything. I saw her do a live YMCA and it affirmed my life