Miley Cyrus' Cover of 'Hey Ya' Is the Best Thing You'll Hear Today

No matter how much any of us shake our heads at Miley's artistic choices, you can't deny that she is a talented singer when she really puts her mind to it/is not just screaming and sticking her tongue out. And this amazing cover of "Hey Ya" that she performed earlier this week on her tour is just another sign that we can still expect amazing things from her. (Hopefully an acoustic version of "See You Again?" Please?)


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Mel aka kayakgrrl

Of course, there's always been evidence that she's a great singer. Dolly wouldn't allow it otherwise!

Hopefully she'll calm down soon and become more like Pink, who's super comfortable in her sexy self. (Why yes, I love Pink and am a huge fan, so I think she's a good role model for Miley to follow.)