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Royal Baby Archie is nearly two months old, so plenty old enough to publicly declare support for either the Red Sox or the Yankees like every American or partial American, at some point, must. What’s it going to be, kid?

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On June 29, Archie’s parents, some people called Meghan and Harry you may have heard of, attended the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees London Series in support of the Invictus Games Foundation. Both teams gifted Archie with a jersey even though he couldn’t make the game due to prior commitments. This isn’t common knowledge, but apparently, the British-born baby is half American on his mother’s side, albeit Californian-American. But still, as a 50% representation of our nation abroad, he needs to make a lifelong commitment to one of the two teams immediately and wisely.

How were your weeks? Customized Yankees onesie good (or bad, depending on your loyalties)?

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