Sarah Haskins: "Laundry. It's The Woman's Drug Of Choice"

Illustration for article titled Sarah Haskins: "Laundry. It's The Woman's Drug Of Choice"

"Why can't we break the spin cycle?" Haskins asks. "Because when you're high on laundry, life is just better… it smells better." Clearly, she's been freebasing Cheer, because she goes off on detergent commercials:

Haskins notes that the soap pushers make laundry seem like the most amazing thing you can do. And notice how there are never any men in the ads? Clip below.


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I don't mind doing laundry. It's IRONING especially damn sheets that's a pain.

I don't have a dryer (they are very rare over here) and so now I have to iron everything. I haven't broken down and started ironing my cotton panties. I think that's crazy.

If I want to wash jeans I need to do it at least two days before I need to wear them.

I don't have a balcony or a roof terrace so drying clothes in the winter is not fun.

I do love the smell of fresh washed laundry. So nice and clean.