Sarah Haskins Wishes You Happy Period Control

We've been meaning to get to the new video from Sarah Haskins for a while! This time, Sarah's "Target Women" takes aim at birth control. At advertisements for birth control, that is — which never mention babies, or pregnancy, but always mention periods. Yup, they're actually selling period control. And hey, what about that small, comfortable, once monthly vaginal ring? Yeah. She goes there. Clip above. Earlier: Sarah Haskins Has A Problem With Marketing Family Meals To Moms Brides, Botox & Yogurt: Sarah Haskins Targets Those Who Target Women



I think the point is that A. your period isn't actually a bad thing B. the ads are implying that it is by constantly talking about that being the main concern for your BC pill, which, you know, should be more about how well it prevents pregnancy and C. I actually think talking about "controlling" your period is a little off. We're supposed to have periods, even if they aren't fun. You can choose a pill that makes you have less of them, of course, but it doesn't need to be like periods are some terrible thing we should never have. And this is coming from someone who used to be nearly crippled by the pain, vomit, and other fun things.

I tried Yaz and was miserable. I decided hormonal birth control was not for me, it just didn't feel right. It works for some folks and I'm glad it does. I got better when I starting taking higher doses of B vitamins and soy.

I just think the phrasing on these things is kind of problematic...and relates to the "containment" language that's often used about the female body, that it needs to be controlled because of it's inherent impurity. Periods are a natural function of the body. Which doesn't make them fun or not gross or whatever...just that they aren't inherently bad either.