Sarah Haskins Takes On The Disney Princesses

This week, Sarah Haskins talks about "The most special, revenue-generating women in the whole world." You know, the Disney Princesses. Haskins claims that these ladies have taught us that "the only way to happiness is true love," which can solve all kinds of problems, including the pain of having an absent father! You've gotta find a Prince, Sarah declares, because, "You know what single ladies are like…" See: Maleficent and Ursula The Sea Witch. Clip at left.
Target Women: Disney Princesses [Current]



I grew up with all the Disney princess movies, loved the princesses, the movies, and the songs, and I turned out just fine. I knew they weren't real and that stuff like that didn't happen in real life -ergo I could tell the difference between animation and live action. I'm so sick of seeing ultra feminine characters demonized because they were supposedly such horrible role models. They're just cartoon characters! If parents don't want their little girls' main objectives to be finding a husband and being complacent, don't let the television raise your kids!