New Year, New You: Sarah Haskins Teaches You How To Diet

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In the latest episode of Target: Women, Sarah Haskins muses, "Where can we find an array of tips on diet and exercise? Oh that's right: Everywhere."


Yes, the airwaves are full of helpful information on weight loss… even elephants are slimming down! Swap your Hot Pocket for a Lean Hot Pocket and check out the clip, below.

Plus! What did we learn in 2008? According to Sarah Haskins, women will dance for anything: Shoe insoles! Detergent! Chicken! Plus, we laugh so hard, sometimes we pee in our pants. Literally. Bladder leak alert! All this and more, in a bonus episode of Target: Women, below.

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I also hate the diet industry. HATE. HATE. It's an industry that thrives by making women feel badly about themselves, offering up some shitty product that doesn't work, makes them feel worse and that the shitty product didn't work cause they have no self control, and so they buy more of the shitty product.

there is no problem that TrimSpa or Xenadrine can solve that "eat healthy and exercise" cannot.