Robin Thicke's Precious-Pathetic Video Probably Won't Win Paula Back

Fresh off an appearance at the BET awards Sunday night, Robin Thicke has released the lyric video for his new song "Forever Love." If you missed hearing it last night, "Forever Love" is (like all other songs on his album) a plea by Robin for Paula Patton to take him back. Yeah, it seems like this tactic is really working.

Paula is out tomorrow. I'm sure Thicke is spending today waiting by the phone for Paula to call making feverish phone calls to his record label for news on how sales look.

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Lol, y'all have got to chill on this man. They've been together since HIGH SCHOOL. I've said it before, but most people don't just split up after that many years without at least one of them trying to get the other back. Maybe it's not in the best taste to do it publicly, but still...cut the man a break on that. My theory is if he was gonna cut up in public and embarrass himself, his wife and his marriage, why the fuck not apologize publicly? He has the forum for it.