Robin Thicke on Paula Patton: 'I'm Just Trying to Get Her Back'

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When paparazzi cornered Robin Thicke at the airport today, asking questions about his recent split from wife Paula Patton, he offered up a surprisingly candid response: "I'm just trying to get her back, man...Just trying to figure it out, man." :(

TMZ broke the story ... Paula Patton called him last Friday and said their marriage was over, and Robin flew to Canada — where she was filming — in a desperate but failed attempt to change her mind.

As we reported ... things really fell apart after Robin simulated sex with Miley Cyrus onstage at the VMAs last month. But Robin told our photog, the performance had nothing to do with his marital problems.

Our sources say Paula was livid and felt "utterly disrespected" by Robin's antics with Miley.

Robin is in D.C. for a concert Thursday night. He says his performance will be the same, even though some of his songs are about Paula.


There's something desperately sad about this video, if you click through and watch it. I hate to feel like I'm being manipulated by the combined powers of Thicke and TMZ, but the melancholy seems genuine. I don't know. I also cried at the end of Sweet Home Alabama. So. [TMZ]

Oh no! And also Paula Patton and her 3-year-old baby son (with Thicke) were in a minor car accident in Los Angeles today while being chased by paparazzi! No injuries were reported. But still. UGH! Leave 3-year-old baby sons out of it, paparazzi! [ET]

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Sweet squalling baby Jesus, Scott Eastwood is gorgeous.