'Reindeer Yoga' Is the Latest Trend in Exercising Near Animals That Don't Give a Shit

Citing a natural aptitude for yoga among reindeer, the Running Reindeer Ranch in Alaska is now offering people the opportunity to contort themselves into yoga poses while animals wander around nearby not doing yoga.


According to NPR, reindeer are like California-level good at yoga: “They’re twisty creatures — especially in the springtime when their antlers are growing and itchy, and they scratch them with their back hooves.

“‘So you’ll see the reindeer getting into these amazing poses,” [Jane Atkinson, one of the ranch owners] says, “and it’s like wow ... look at this little yoga move that they do!’”

The story does assure that participants are given instructions on how to interact with the animals, who get in some quality naps while people exercise around them. And while some might say reindeer yoga sounds pointless, others say reindeer yoga definitely achieves a purpose and that purpose is being better than lame-ass goat yoga:

“I’ve wanted to do goat yoga, but this is like one step up,” says Tarah Hoxsie, one of the attendees. “This is like the ultimate, OK. So while everybody’s doing goat yoga in the lower 48, we’re doing reindeer yoga, which is way cooler.”

Hear that, yoga goats? Ya basic.



‘Reindeer Yoga’ Is the Latest Trend in Exercising Near Animals That Don’t Give a Shit

And piss.