Seeing a Twin Goat Birth Is the Best Possible Outcome to Goat Yoga

Congrats to Tassi, a hardworking goat who was participating in a session of goat yoga when she went into labor and birthed two babies in front of delighted patrons.


The New York Times reports this was not entirely unexpected, according to owners Megan Kibby and Jason Lewis, who raised Tassi for their farm/goat rental, Red Wagon Goats, in Suwanee, Georgia.

They knew that Tassi was going to give birth soon. Another of their goats, Emmylou, had given birth to twins the previous day and, as Ms. Kibby put it, “when one of them goes they all go.”

Wow, it’s just like when everyone gets their period at the same time! Poor Tassi was still working the goat yoga circuit at a fund-raising event in the park when she “began to paw the ground, looking for a place to nest.” Lewis was going to escort her to a private trailer to do her business, but it was too late. Out slid Sue-Anna and her twin, Storm, who was even more unexpected than the goat birthing.

Everyone enjoyed the moment, and the twins and mom are happy and healthy. Personally, I’d rather just sit with a goat, and do yoga in a place where there is not goat poop, but there are so rarely twin births at Yoga to the People. This is worth potentially getting head-butted while in a Downward Dog.

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I am going to goat yoga for the first time tomorrow, which makes me feel like such hipster trash, but I really like animals! I hope I get trampled, at least avoid coming into direct contact with poop, and if I get to see babies that’s just icing on the goat cheese-filled cake.