Would Your Holiday Travels Be Better If You Could Do Goat Yoga at the Airport?

Image via Denver Int.’l Airport/YouTube.
Image via Denver Int.’l Airport/YouTube.

Plane travel during the holidays is so fun. Yay, you’re in an airplane. Yay, you took your shoes off only to put them back on again five minutes later holding all of your stuff and your computer and also your belt. Would it be better if there was a room for goat yoga? Maybe!


Modern Farmer reports that the kind folks at Denver International Airport took it upon themselves to transform a storage room into a goat yoga room for stressed travelers who love both yoga and goats—banking on the fact that there would be a wide cross-section of individuals that would enjoy this kind of amenity.

Goat yoga is not what I thought it might be—goats doing a one-legged pigeon pose alongside humans. It’s just regular yoga, but with goats hanging around. Downward facing dog, but there’s a goat. Tree pose, but then the soft bleat of a goat instead of the wind chimes and Tibetan singing bowl of your regular yoga studio. Goats! Yoga! Go-ga!

The goats came from the delightfully-monikered Just Kidding Acres, a farm outside of Denver, and the instructor was from Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga. In the video above, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Goats frighten me because I don’t care for their little goat eyes and the idea of a kid ambling over my prone body during savasana feels more stressful than anything else, but I recognize that I am in the minority here.

“We wanted to surprise and delight our passengers, but also show the world that going to the airport can be unexpected, relaxing and fun,” Heath Montgomery, of the Denver airport’s communications team, wrote in an email to Modern Farmer. They did that, at least. For one day.

The airport—relaxing, fun, unexpected, goats!

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Goat jumping is fun too. I kid you not.