Prince Philip Looks Like 98-Year-Old Man He Is as He Leaves Hospital for Christmas With Queen Elizabeth II

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Prince Philip is not dead, just in time for Christmas. He’s left the hospital on Tuesday and will spend Christmas with Queen Elizabeth II at Sandringham House in Norfolk, England.


“The Duke of Edinburgh has today left hospital after being discharged by his Doctor and is now back at Sandringham,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement. “His Royal Highness would like to thank everyone who sent their good wishes.”

The 98-year-old man was sent to King Edward VII hospital in London as a precaution on Friday. He’s spent multiple days hospitalized, even though Prince Charles (the only good son right now) said it was only because he’s old. “When you get to that age, things don’t work so well,” Charles told the Associated Press.

Philip also walked out of the hospital without help. [People]

With a move that is the best indictment of celebrity worship culture, Kevin Spacey refuses to go away quietly. On Tuesday, this holy day, the disgraced actor posted another YouTube video in character as Frank Underwood from House of Cards. I can only assume the title (KTWK) is a messed up version of KUWTK for SEO purposes.

“You didn’t really think I was gonna miss the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, did you? It’s been a pretty good year, and I’m grateful to have my health back,” Spacey says to the camera. Reminder, Frank Underwood was killed off before the sixth season of House of Cards in response to the flurry of sexual assault allegations against Spacey.

“And in light of that I’ve made some changes in my life and I’d like to invite you to join me. As we walk into 2020, I want to cast my vote for more good in this world,” he says.


There’s no hint of irony in this delivery.

I’m dead serious. And it’s not that hard, trust me. The next time someone does something you don’t like, you can go on the attack, but you can also hold your fire and do the unexpected. You can kill them with kindness,” Spacey says. [Entertainment Weekly]


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Philip looks like he’s on his way to dinner of liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti.