Today, Denise Richards appeared on Oprah to "break her silence" about her nasty divorce from Charlie Sheen and subsequent relationship with her former friend's ex-husband. Apparently, her reality show and Larry King Live interview counts as silence?

Unlike her recent interview with Sarah and Bristol Palin, Oprah didn't lob any softballs at Denise Richards. (Maybe it's an indication that she doesn't want to burn bridges with the Palins, but doesn't give a shit if Denise Richards ever speaks to her again.)

Denise was careful with her answers, admittedly because she and Charlie are in "a good place" now, and doesn't want to rock the boat too much. Still, she admitted that Charlie was abusive in their relationship.

When Oprah asked Denise about her relationship with Richie Sambora—during which the tabloids claimed Denise was a "husband stealer"—Denise said that she hadn't violated "girl code" because she and Heather Locklear were no longer friends.