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Denise Richards Tries To Win Over Celebrity Journalist; Calls Her A "C-nt"

At first we kinda thought that Denise Richards: It's Complicated, the E! reality show about the actress, was super boring. But we we're glad we decided to tune in again this week, because things just got way more interesting. Denise, who was torn apart in the press over her divorce from Charlie Sheen and her very public affair with her former friend Heather Locklear's estranged husband Richie Sambora, made a very ill-advised decision to go try to talk to a journalist — Lycia Naff, a writer for People — face to face. The meeting didn't go well, and Denise ended up calling the woman a "cunt" before storming out of her office. It was shocking because, unlike the scenes on most "reality" shows, this actually felt real. But who knows, because interestingly, Lycia has an IMDb profile.

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@UnsolvedMystery: I watched this for the first time yesterday and really, that "reporter" was a c*nt. Her body language said from the beginning she didn't plan to hear anything that changed her behavior. And taking a phone call while talking to someone who is visibly upset says she could care less about what Denise had to say. I would have hung up the phone for her.

I realize that Denise is no angel, but seriously, when do tabloids draw the line?