Of Course Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s Possibly Fake Wedding Ended in a Champagne-Induced Fistfight

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Following their possibly fake engagement, definitely fake pregnancy scare and potentially real wedding Sunday night, YouTube royalty Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s ceremony ended the only way it could: in a full-on brawl. According to Page Six, after the pair allegedly tied the knot at a place called the Graffiti Mansion in Mongeau’s hometown of Las Vegas, a guest threw champagne at Paul, sparking a fistfight. I imagine they were simply trying to get him to take off that god-awful fedora.


Jake Paul’s pal Armani Izadi, who officiated the wedding, pounced on the suspect and removed a group of troublemakers from the party. At least, I’m going to have to take Page Six’s word for it because all I see in the video of the skirmish is chaos, shadows, flailing limbs and what could honestly be a circle pit:

I look forward to learning more about the fight by watching at least a dozen first-person testimonial vlogs with titles like, “I FOUGHT JAKE PAUL AT HIS WEDDING” or “THE TRUTH BEHIND THE FIGHT AT JANA’S WEDDING (NOT CLICKBAIT.)”

It’s clear that these two know how to make press; I wouldn’t be surprised if it is later revealed that the champagne throwing, and perhaps the entire wedding, was all part of an elaborate prank. According to Page Six, “As of publishing time, there were no marriage license applications or registrations under either Jake or Tana’s name in Las Vegas. It is also possible that the couple filed their marriage license in Los Angeles where they live.” I doubt it! And before you ask, no, Bella Thorne was not in attendance. Mod Sun was, however. Gotta love a fake nuptial.

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I don’t think you can get file a marriage application in one state and use it in a different state. With the caveat that I could be wrong, I’m going to go with not legally married.