Prankster Jake Paul Pranked By Prankster Fiancé Tana Mongeau With Prank Pregnancy

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Now that chaos merchants Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are engaged, their reign of destruction can officially commence. Stay safe Los Angeles! I’m told that Tana’s first act as a purveyor of strife and terror was to “prank” her fiancé with a bogus pregnancy test. Of course, cameras were there to film the entire exchange for ad revenue. Modern love is complex and nuanced, isn’t it? Per TMZ:

In the clip, Tana tells a seemingly unsuspecting Jake that she’s gotta tell him something that he’ll probably be mad about, which peaks his curiosity. After a bit of back-and-forth, she finally comes out with it ... saying she’s pregnant, and even showing him a bogus pregnancy test that reads positive. Then comes the difficult convo ... what to do about it now???


What to do indeed! I’m obsessed that his reaction to her behavior is to pensively stand by the 2017 Teen Choice award they have hanging by their bed and comment, “You’re being sus as fuck.” You can also mark the distinct change in his behavior when he recognizes that he’s been filmed. A moment which I have helpfully captured below—for posterity! [TMZ]

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Kim Richards is now being sued by a former ghostwriter after failing to pay for her services. Reported by The Blast, court documents show that Richards hired Alison Baker, a woman known for ghostwriting celebrity memoirs and books.

She says in the documents of the lawsuit, “My client refuses to pay me despite our signed contract and a job well done.” As for how much is owed, Baker says, “The defendant owes me $10,000 according to our contract. For the work I performed, however I will settle for just under what she owes me.”

It’s also interesting to note that a former client of Baker’s is Nicky Hilton, Richard’s niece with Kathy Hilton. It’s unclear how Nicky’s involvement in the news will affect her already strained relationship with Kathy. The Blast also notes that the documents are unclear on what exactly Baker was hired to do. A book is likely, as Brandi Glanville alluded to one in tweets from February.


It also wouldn’t be the first time a Housewife has had their book ghostwritten. Carole Radziwell and Aviva Drescher’s massive falling out over accusations of a ghostwriter ended in Drescher’s “exit” from RHONY (read: firing.) Teresa Guidice has battled rumors of ghostwritten memoirs and cookbooks for years, and even Erika Jayne included the legendary Brian Moylan on her storyline in last season while he helped writer Pretty Mess. As for Sonja Morgan—you know where you can find me when you finally decide to pen a tell-all! [The Blast]

Bobby Berk is a cop.


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