R.I.P. Young Love: Bella Thorne and Mod Sun Have Broken Up

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It’s official: Bella Thorne is single, baby!

According to Billboard, Thorne and her rapper boyfriend Mod Sun (real name Derek Smith, but affectionately referred to as “Pig-Pen” in my group chat) have split ways after two long years of dating. Bella broke the news in a slightly hilarious Instagram image with the not-so-silly caption, “I will always love you. All good things must come to an end,” and a broken heart emoji.


Tana Mongeau, the YouTuber Thorne was in a polyamorous relationship with previously—that ended in February, and it’s still not totally clear if she, Mongeau and Mod Sun were a throuple—has yet to comment.

Like with any celebrity break-up I am much too emotionally invested in, I have a bunch of followup questions:

  • What took Bella so long to cut him out?
  • It’s been so long since Thorne has been single, will she hit the clubs hard to get over the breakup and once again become a tabloid mainstay? And why is my heart is racing at that prospect?
  • What will happen to Thorne’s 19 cats? Surely Mod Sun was co-parenting that massive colony?
  • Where will Mod Sun live now, assuming he shared Thorne’s tipi in her graffiti and dinosaur sculpture-adorned mansion?
  • Is Mod Sun team-Pussy Riot now?
  • Or Juvia’s Place?
  • Will he change his rap name to an anagram of Bella Thorne’s name, just to always have a piece of her with him? And will that change be to “Lethal Boner”?
  • Or collaborate with Tana Mongeau on a “Fuck Up” remix?
  • How will this effect Thorne’s forthcoming memoir series?
  • Who will she date next?

If you have any information on the whereabouts of either party post-conscious uncoupling, please, my email is in my byline below. Together, we can find the answers.

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He looks like a dirty bizarro world version of young Elton John in that header pic and I KNOW that’s insulting to Sir Elton and I am SORRY but that’s what I first thought of.

Also you know when you see a dude and you can tell before he gets to you that he smells like old sweat and weed? That dude.