No Thanks: Lana Has Decided to Comment on the Riots at the Capitol

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If you read this headline and thought, “Nothing good can come of this,” you’re right!


Less than 24 hours ago I was relaying a bizarre Instagram comment Lana Del Rey wrote defending her new album artwork that included the sentence: “My best friends are rappers and my boyfriends have been rappers.” Now I’m back to report that Del Rey has decided to share some of her other fantastic thoughts, this time about Wednesday’s riots at the Capitol.

On Monday, the singer appeared on the BBC’s Radio 1's Future Sounds with Annie Mac to discuss her forthcoming album, Chemtrails over the Country Club, and somehow ended up talking about the recent insurrection. Which admittedly is easy to do—I’ve discussed it with nearly everyone I’ve interacted with over the last few days—but probably something to avoid if you have this sort of opinion:

“[The] book called Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing ... was all about people who didn’t know they hurt other people—like Trump!” Del Rey said in the interview. “He doesn’t know he’s inciting a riot. I don’t think that.” (The book I believe she’s referring to is actually called In Sheep’s Clothing, but nothing could matter less.)

“You don’t think that?” Mac responds. “I thought that was very clearly obvious that he knew what he was doing the whole way.”

Agree, Annie!

Sarah Jessica Parker refuses to so much as hint at Big’s fate in the now-confirmed Sex and the City HBO Max reboot. It makes perfect sense of course, but in this instance it’s particularly annoying, since we know that a scrapped Sex and the City 3 movie script included Big dying of a heart attack in the shower.


I find it unlikely that the new series would recycle any plot points from a leaked script—and thank God, because that same abandoned script included Miranda’s son sexting Samantha. But one begins to think that death might figure into the reboot somehow. For example: What will do they do about Samantha’s glaring absence?

More to come...

  • This whole time there has existed an audiobook authored by a founding Hillsong megachurch leader called Kingdom Women Love Sex. It’s both everything you might imagine and far worse, based on this New York Post report. [New York Post]
  • Real Housewives of Orange County’s Braunwyn Windham-Burke, who first publicly identified as gay last year, was spotted wearing a massive necklace that read “GAY. OK” while visiting a sex shop with her husband. Noted! [Page Six]
  • Joan Collins got the covid vaccine, which we love, because we want to protect Joan Collins at all costs. She said she feels fine, and went home and had a drink after. [People]

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Didn’t think I’d have to use Kountry Klub Karen twice in a 24 hour period. Yet here we are again with the fuckery. The stupidity as innocence excuse has been used to cover a multitude of sins for Donald Trump. 4 years of the same excuse. When will they ever let him grow up? They continue to extend the presumption of innocence standard to a 74 year old white man who sought out the responsibility of being POTUS. Meanwhile, these KKKs don’t extend Black children the same presumption of innocence.

The willful obtuseness is exhausting and disheartening when encountered in people who prop themselves up as allies.