Nicki Minaj May or May Not Have Dumped Kenneth Petty

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Here is a spicy rumor for your Tuesday DirtBag—reports are circulating suggesting Nicki Minaj and registered sex offender husband Kenneth Petty are done. Allegedly, Minaj did the dumping. All of this is so far unsubstantiated, but the social media spies are ON IT (and generally correct).


Bossip says Minaj hasn’t posted any Instagram photos of Petty since February, which as any good stalker can tell you is a surefire sign that someone’s either already broken up or at least heading toward Dump City. Bossip also noticed that Minaj recently changed her Twitter name from “Mrs. Petty” to “Yikes,” even though the single that name refers to is already a few months old. SPICY.

As a reminder: Minaj and Petty got hitched (maybe?) in secret October, and since then, it seems like news about the couple has pretty just comprised blow up after blow up: on Twitter with Meek Mill, in a court of law after Petty failed to register as a sex offender in California after serving time for a 1995 attempted rape conviction, via Wendy Williams’s shade.

And to repeat, this breakup rumor is unconfirmed. But, again, social media betrays all. [Bossip]

The first thing I will do when social distancing measures ease up in my city is cut all my fucking hair off. It seems I have this in common with DJ Khaled, who is reportedly “desperate” for a haircut right now.

He posted this to Instagram on Monday:


To be clear, my hair looks much better, even if it’s gotten so long I’m starting to contemplate having it dressed by birds. [TMZ]

Another person who could use a haircut: Blake Shelton, who let Gwen Stefani go to town on it, much to his misfortune:

The celebrity devolvements are starting to turn very dark. [People]

  • I don’t care for gender reveals, but this is honestly cute. [Twitter]
  • Amy Schumer spared her son decades of in-school torture. [Page Six]
  • AHHHHHH my heart, it aches, it pines, it loves. [Just Jared]




Amy, I don’t believe you that you didn’t know exactly what you were doing with your CHILD’S name.  Changing it is the right thing to do, but does not excuse the stunt you pulled by doing it.  We know exactly what you did.  Shame.