Sarah Haskins Is A Sucker For RomComs

Sarah Haskins' latest "Target: Women" targets chick flicks. "There are three comedies coming out this fall aimed at women," she says. "You have seen them all before. But you will see them all again." Haskins comments on upcoming films Happy Go Lucky, The Women, and The Accidental Husband — as well as oldies-but-goodies like Never Been Kissed and Sweet Home Alabama. Why are women suckers for romcoms? "The romantic comedy is the modern fairy tale, and we're the princesses," she explains. Oh, yeah, and two words: Colin Firth. Target Women: Chick Flicks [Current] Sarah Haskins On Chick Flicks [Salon]


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That movie needs to get made NOW!

And I'll fourth the BSG love...and add Buffy, The Office, Dexter, Arrested Development, and My So-Called Life.

The only technical romcom I've seen that wasn't from the 80's or early 90's recently was the latest Pride & Prejudice, which I loved. And I say technically because it's a way better story and very much aware of all the gender issues (yay Austen) involved in away the modern movies generally aren't. It's as much a love story as it is a criticism of a society that doesn't value unmarried women. Sad to see not much has changed in over 200 years...