Sarah Haskins Has A Problem With Marketing Family Meals To Moms

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Our new favorite, wonderfully funny critic, Sarah Haskins, is at it again. Her new video, Target Women: Feeding Your F—-ing Family dissects and pokes fun at commercials for brands like Manwich, Crock-Pot, Tyson Chicken Breast and El Pollo Loco — in which women are encouraged to keep their kids and husband happy with food. Sarah would rather order takeout Pad Thai, making her a woman after our own stomachs. The clip, after the jump.


Target Women: Feeding Your F—-ing Family [Current]

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Yes, this. It's like all the ones with the "stupid" husband who doesn't know how to do dishes or clean something simple and his wife "cons" him into doing it. It makes both genders look terrible. Women = conniving. Men = too stupid to function normally.

My parents traded off cooking duties, my dad makes a mean stir fry and the BEST pies. I grew up with cumin and soy sauce as the most common flavors. But both my parents worked and not ever night was a sit down meal. And, as soon as we were old enough, my parents taught us how to cook so we could contribute. Also, once we were over 13 or so, my mom was like, you can feed yourselves. I'm done. Which I actually respect a lot. Taught us self sufficiency. Although I will admit, nothing is better than her homemade huumus.