Matthew McConaughey Lost So Much Weight He Almost Went Blind

Today in smart decisions that actors make, Matthew McConaughey, long known for going big or going home (to play shirtless bongos) lost close to 50 damn pounds to play a dying AIDS patient in his new film Dallas Buyers Club. Weight wasn't the only thing McConaughey lost — apparently his vision started to go out, too.

Matthew immediately consulted doctors, “who confirmed that when you starve yourself you begin to lose your vision.” Thankfully, it wasn’t permanent, the insider tells In Touch. “They monitored him, and things are back to normal now.”


It's not surprising considering the amount of stress extreme weight loss puts on your body — plus, what could he have weighed to begin with? He's not exactly large and in charge to begin with — I'm guessing he began at a buck fifty at most. THAT'S JUST A GUESS, I'M NOT ACTUALLY A SCALE. Anyway, pass that around as fact, and let's hope he finally got to indulge in some of those hamburgers he described so graphically. [In Touch]

Mariah Carey is leaving American Idol because it's a sinking ship and also because she's launching a world tour.


Hell yeah! Dream lover, come rescue me. [Perez Hilton]


Bon Jovi reduced ticket prices in Spain because of the financial crisis and also because he's awesome.

"We did a study and we saw that due to the economic situation Spain wasn't going to be on the roadmap. But I didn't want to leave out fans from a country I love that has treated me well for 30 years," he said.


He's so great. Unrelated, but one of my college roommates cross-stitched the chorus of I'll Be There For You onto a pillow for her boyfriend and a week later he broke up with her. What an idiot. [NY Daily News]

Michael and Dina Lohan eat hamburgers together, for Lindsay's sake. [Perez]

Zachary Quinto and a pug eat ice cream together, for our sake. [Buzzfeed]

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian (still not totally sure who this is) are making a reality TV show based on "their reality". It's gonna be nucking futs because there's no gravity in their reality and all animals can talk. I can't wait! [People]


New Kardashinan Klan photo sesh — no Kanyes allowed. [Perez]

Vince Gilligan says a Saul Goodman spin-off from Breaking Bad is "indeed worth doing." Seconded! Better call Saul! [Splitsider]


Ben Affleck is now a doctor — bet you didn't see that coming! [CBS]

Neil Patrick Harris is gonna host the Emmy Awards. I'd like to officially request that he do the whole thing in song as Dr. Horrible. [LA Times]


Adding his name to a list of everybody, Lance Bass is scared for Amanda Bynes. [People]

Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard shepherded Lincoln Bell Shepard on a wonderBELL stroll. I don't think that worked. [People]


Unrelated but also related: Has anyone ever been to the Magic Castle in Los Angeles? I just moved here and I'm dying to go. SORCERY! [Abracadabra, bitches]

Um, I'm pretty sure we all need to adopt this dog. WORK THAT HEAD TILT, GIRL. [Independent Labrador Retriever Rescue of Socal]

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