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Love Is Dead: JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew Broke Up

Is this Dancing With the Stars's fault? Fame? Who can say?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Love is a tricky thing, difficult to maintain in even the most normal of circumstances, but it must be extremely difficult when one member of the relationship is hair bow aficionado JoJo Siwa. Hence this news: JoJo and Kylie Prew are no longer dating.

A source told Us Weekly that the pair have been split for about two weeks now, and that the cast of DWTS is “aware” of the breakup. Okay? Another interesting point, from the source: Since the two broke up, JoJo has become very “close” with her dancing partner, Jenna Johnson. She’s like a “big sister” to JoJo, and oh, yes, the breakup had noting to do with Jenna and JoJo becoming close. Nothing at all...

Here’s what Miss Hair Bow had to say to the press after DWTS’s Disney Villains night:

“What goes on in my personal life every day is something. However, this week was very, very extreme and something that I had never gone through and something that I’ve never felt before. And it’s tough and it’s tricky, but luckily I have really good people in my life. And I’m really lucky that every day this week I got to spend three hours with my best friend in rehearsals and we got to dance.”


Jenna is her best friend, huh. I’m sure there is an unshakeable bond that comes from the trauma and the ecstasy of appearing as a non-performer on DWTS, so that all tracks. And it sucks that JoJo has to go through heartbreak in the public eye while also appearing on a TV show about ballroom dancing. But she’s a strong gal who survived the worst of Abby Lee Miller, a woman whom I believe to be one of Satan’s henchpeople, so she is tougher than most of us ever will be. Additionally, I’d like to offer JoJo the following anthem, should she need it for her grieving.

JoJo and her now ex-girlfriend were dating for less than a year, but Prew is the one who kindly encouraged JoJo to come out. The two were very cute on the socials, and now, they are no longer. Young love is capricious! But I think JoJo will be okay in the end. [Us Weekly]


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