JoJo Siwa's Girlfriend (!!!) Encouraged Her to Come Out

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When JoJo Siwa came out after a few coy Instagram posts followed by a less coy, more explicit, Instagram post stating that yes, hello, she’s gay, there was an outpouring of support, which was nice to see. Because everything that is nice can also be terrible, my teen sequin queen JoJo Siwa was also swatted because the internet is an absolutely awful place, too. However, this is a nice piece of news that I hope causes no further trouble for JoJo: she’s got a girlfriend, who is also the person who encouraged her to come out.

“After the ‘Born This Way’ TikTok, I was on FaceTime with my girlfriend, talking about all the love that came in, but I still hadn’t actually confirmed it,” Siwa told America’s irritating little brother, Jimmy Fallon, on the Tonght Show. “So I was like... I kind of want to post this picture on my real story. And she was like ‘Do it!!’”

Cute!! As for the girlfriend, JoJo did not reveal much information about her except that they are long-distance and they talk on the phone a lot. That’s very sweet! Apparently right before Miss Siwa hopped on the Zoom with Jimmy, she was on the phone with her girlfriend, and I’m sorry for anything bad I might have ever said about JoJo Siwa in the past, because she is a remarkably well-adjusted young woman for having spent any time under the oppressive thumb of Abby Lee Miller.


Here’s another nice thing she said to Jimmy James about being out:

“If I lost everything that I created because of being myself and loving who I want to love, I don’t want it. That’s not what I want if I can’t love who I want to love. That’s one of the most important things to me. About ten minutes before this interview, I was on the phone with [her] and I started crying. I’m like…I’m just so happy I get to share what makes me happiest with the world. It makes my heart so happy.”

If JoJo Siwa’s heart is happy, then I, too, am happy. [Hollywood Life]

Because I value my time and yours, dear readers, I have ignored this stuff about Alex Rodriguez having an affair or not with someone from Southern Charm, primarily because I have no idea who any of the people on the show are anymore, and also what A-Rod does with his time and his rod are none of my business. However, I confess that the messiness of this situation, which involves a blond named Madison LeCroy and various other people screaming at each other about breaking quarantine to go fuck sportsmen, is intriguing to me.


Apparently, LeCroy is now insinuating that she and Mr. Jennifer Lopez have had phone conversations, while A-Rod is denying that he even knows this person to begin with. The fact that anyone is even talking about this in the first place is because, on the first half of Southern Charm’s reunion special, Craig Conover accused her of breaking quarantine to go fly around to see former MLB players for unsavory activities? But LeCroy says she’s never been physical with him? But maybe she was?

Listen, I haven’t watched this show since Thomas “I Sound Like Foghorn Leghorn and Am an Asshole” Ravenel was on it, but I am now invested enough in this sort of petty drama because I get so little of it otherwise, that maybe I will watch the thrilling conclusion to the reunion just to feel the heat of some low-stakes drama that has absolutely nothing to do with me. [People]


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alienne 2.0 (Lost PW)

Let’s play a game. Who (if anyone) would you break quarantine (or isolation) to f*ck?

Me: Maybe Idris Elba. But his wife would have to give me permission (if he were even willing) and you can see that I suck at this game.