Let's Cancel Logan Paul

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Year in Review 2019Year in Review 2019Remembering the year that you, me, and everyone we know was canceled. Rest in peace

Here’s why Logan Paul should be canceled. Check out Jezebel’s Cancel Tournament to see what ultimately got canceled.


Please join me in remembering, and then quickly canceling, Logan Paul.

Paul, older brother to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul and therefore the brother-in-law to vlog star Tana Mongeau, became a household name to those who aren’t elementary school-aged boys when he uploaded a video on New Years Eve 2017 depicting the body of what was presumed to be a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest at the foot of Mount Fuji. (Unfortunately, the location is infamous for being a destination for those contemplating suicide.) Days later, he posted an apology video. YouTube dropped him from the lucrative Google Preferred program and canceled the the fourth season of his YouTube Red series Foursome but allowed him to stay on the platform. Three weeks later, he posted a video about suicide awareness. A week and a half after that, he posted a video titled “LOGAN PAUL IS BACK!”, ironic because he never left. Instead, he accepted his slap on the wrist, and continued to do what he has always done—make millions of dollars from posting ignorant videos.

YouTube will never become a force for good, no matter how hard it tries. The fictitious “cancel culture” fuels the platform, anyway, and people like Paul always return no matter their past indiscretions. They always come back. The bad boys whose despicable behaviors generate clicks will continue to crop up, and if they were to leave, someone else would replace them. But Logan Paul refuses to go anywhere, and because of that, he continues to succeed. He is still incredibly famous. He boasts of five million more followers now than he did two years ago when he posted the grossly insensitive Aokigahara video (15.6 subscribers then, 20 million now.) The best bet, for everyone, is to say goodbye to the dude once and for all. It’s not like he was making anything worthy of conversation beforehand, why not shut it down, now? If cancel culture was a real and true option, if YouTube were to bid farewell to the creator, they would undoubtedly save themselves future heartbreak.

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Let’s cancel any smarmy internet blog writer who tells the internet they should cancel anyone or anything.

You are part of the problem whether being satirical or not. Anyone perpetuating this bullshit cancel culture in any way shape or form (and giving voice even if calling it out as a joke is perpetuating it) is the reason so many people are growing in their snowflakeness that thinks they are entitled to “cancel” someone.

I don’t know a thing about Logan Paul but this cancel crap needs to stop.