Let Your 2-Year-Old Play With Condoms On Her Birthday

The thing that's so baffling about Teen Mom's Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley is that while Amber is in serious trouble with the law for felony domestic abuse, and the pair are being investigated by Child Protective Services, neither of them seem to give a shit about how their parenting skills are portrayed on television (even after crying about getting harassed in the street because of the show).


Last night's episode was about their daughter Leah's second birthday, and the former couple ultimately decided to have two parties instead of a joint effort, which is a fairly typical hurdle that separated people have to navigate when trying to co-parent. But for all of their arguing about the subject, neither of them seemed to invest much planning or interest in their respective celebrations. Gary went out and got trashed the night before his party for Leah and decided to go out to get fast food (because he was hungover) with a friend, with only an hour before the guests arrived. This, as opposed to cleaning the place up or decorating or anything. The result was that his daughter found a strip of his condoms on the floor, which she began to play with. It was up to Gary's mom and the party guests to blow up balloons, dress the little girl, and put together her birthday cake before Gary finally decided to come home so she could open her presents.

Later that evening, instead of throwing a party for Leah like she said she would, Amber took her daughter to a Mexican restaurant. The little girl fell asleep before she had a chance to open her gifts, which was probably a good thing, because they weren't wrapped anyway. It's not that any of this behavior was particularly abusive toward Leah, but it definitely demonstrated neglect, not necessarily in legal terms, but certainly emotionally so.



Can we talk about what a shit-stirrer Ryan's mom is? I could not believe when talking about Maci living with Kyle, she said something along the lines of "all these different men coming in and out of Maci's house are not good for Bentley." Holy slut shaming, Batman! And then when she was talking about a Judge not allowing Maci to live with Kyle and still have custody of Bentley? Granted, I do family law in Illinois, not Tennessee, but I have a hard time believing any Judge would penalize her for living with Kyle. Kyle has shown (granted we don't see the full picture) that he helps take care of Bentley and has developed a loving bond with him. He does not appear to have any sort of drug or alcohol problems or is violent. She just needs to STFU and stay out of it.