When Child Protective Services Comes A-Knockin'

Last night's episode of Teen Mom showed the beginnings of Amber Portwood's dance with the legal system after she was arrested and charged with felony domestic abuse, investigated by CPS, and ultimately threatened with losing custody of her daughter (all of which, no doubt, contributed to her recent suicide attempt). It's interesting to watch the events unfold in front of the cameras instead of on the pages of tabloids, as it speaks to the operation of Amber's mind a bit more. In this clip she starts out by weighing the financial burden of hiring a lawyer versus serving jail time. But once she's threatened by CPS, she begins to take the charges much more seriously. But as is common with abusive relationships, she blames her boyfriend Gary for the trouble that she's in, saying that he caused her to hit him — which is, at the end of the day, what caused her all this grief.

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I used to have some sympathy for Amber. I can't stand Gary either and I can see how frustrating it would be to be around him, but good god girl, when you slipped into the typical abuser blaming the victim, no responsibility for your own actions rhetoric, all sympathy went out the window. He drives you nuts? You're annoyed every second you're around him? Then limit contact to civil exchanges of custody and parenting conversations; don't keep trying to make something heinous work "for the baby."