How Would You React If CPS Was Investigating You?

The saga of Amber Portwood's legal troubles continued on last night's episode of Teen Mom, in which Amber was forced to go to the police station for a meeting with Child Protective Services after repeatedly dodging the agency. Now, we realize that cherry-picked, edited moments on a reality TV show wouldn't accurately depict someone's parenting skills, but given that this entire CPS investigation is a result of an incident that was shown on Teen Mom—Amber punching the father of her child, which brought on a felony domestic abuse charge—you'd think that if she were really that worried about losing custody of her daughter, she'd be really careful about the way she's presenting herself on camera. Ahem.

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For a second episode in a row, we watched Amber lying on a couch while her surroundings are filthy, and her voice over admits that there is no place for her child to sleep as the camera pans across what used to be her daughter's room, but now looks like a scene out of Hoarders.


Let me preface this by saying that I've never seen this show, ever. But it seems to me from what they are showing that Amber doesn't have much interest in actually being a mom. Granted, I am gleaning all of this from the few random tabloid articles and Teen Mom clips that have been strewn about the interwebs. Despite all of that, I can't help thinking she just doesn't care very much. I don't doubt she loves her daughter, but she just seems disinterested in everything else that comes with that.