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Kaitlynn Carter Has Already Met Miley's Mom

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I am trying to be the sort of person who doesn’t gossip about her own friends’ relationships—a difficult task for me, coming from long line of yentas—so instead I will focus my energy on Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, two people who are probably used to the attention. Today’s important piece of news: Kaitlynn Carter has met Miley’s mom. Folks, it’s serious (maybe) (who knows).


According to Page Six, Cyrus and her new alleged love interest “grabbed lunch” with Tish Cyrus in Los Angeles on Saturday, having returned from their much-publicized Italian lovecation. People reports that the hang was just one of many in Cyrus and Carter’s increasingly intensifying relationship:

“Miley is very close with Kaitlynn. It’s romantic, but it’s also a friendship,” the source said. “They are both going through similar stuff right now and are bonding over it.”


Meanwhile, People says Hemsworth was spotted over the weekend at a bar in Australia, many thousands of miles away from Los Angeles, which is probably for the best. Cyrus reportedly misses Hemsworth now that she’s been freed from Italy’s aphrodisiac grip, per one of her blabbermouth friends:

“Miley is okay, but you can tell she isn’t 100 percent happy. They had many happy days together in L.A. and now Liam is not around,” the source said. “It’s hard for her to be back in L.A. without him. This is not the situation that she wanted. She hoped they could figure things out.”

Not that I know Cyrus or Hemsworth personally (and if I did, per my new no-gossiping rules, I wouldn’t be able to speculate on this at all). But as I have pointed out previously, it seems like maybe they shouldn’t get back together, in part because nothing good ever comes from miserable never-ending breakups and brief reconciliations, and also because their relationship sounds like one big mess.


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This is a couple that needs to grow up, break up, and move on. Of course there will be residual feelings. That’s why it’s been on and off. And on and off. The point is that Miley is bisexual and wants a relationship with someone dependably into her like Liam but that allows her to have the excitement of a lover on the side. Liam wants a traditional relationship with babies (like most Aussie men).