Maybe Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's Breakup Wasn't So Amicable After All

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At first, it seemed that both Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were on the same page with their decision to split. But that was like twelve hours ago, and much has changed since the two released a perfunctory statement saying they would “remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share.”

I hope those animals have good therapists, because now, sources from both camps have thrown drugs and cheating into the mix. From TMZ:

Sources with direct knowledge of the breakup are telling radically different stories. Sources from Miley’s side tell TMZ, she tried valiantly to save the marriage and the dealbreaker was that Liam was drinking a lot and using certain drugs, and she wanted no part of it ... especially since she struggled with substance abuse in the past.

Sources from Liam’s side are calling BS, saying the drug and alcohol claims are designed to mask what they say really destroyed their marriage ... they claim infidelity on Miley’s part.


Another source said that, “This is another attempt by Miley to distract from her infidelity and recent outrageous public behavior.”

Hmm. Can both of these things not be true?! Also, I was never under the impression that their marriage was totally monogamous, especially when Cyrus basically spelled it out in an interview with Elle in June:

I have a new song, “Never Be Me,” and the chorus says, “If you’re looking for faithful, that’ll never be me. If you’re looking for stable, that’ll never be me. If you’re looking for someone that’ll be all that you need, that’s never going to be me.”

That seems instructive. [TMZ]

Halle Berry is 53 and part of the No Bra Club.


This particular brand (No Bra Club) seems to retail for around $50, and by the looks of it, requires that you wear it wet. I’m going to stick with my unofficial membership, thanks. [People]

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Speaking of Miley & drugs… I was really disgusted when she said in an interview last year that she was ‘over weed’ because she wants to be a useful member of society and be passionate about things. Believe it or not miley you can smoke weed everyday and not make it your entire identity. I believe she also did a similar thing with rap music. Every interview I’ve read of hers makes her come across as painfully immature.