In Your Face, Jodie Foster: 'Honey Boo Boo' Nominated for GLAAD Award

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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo doesn't just inspire punch lines and pearl-clutching—it inspires gay equality, at least according to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. The show is nominated for a GLAAD Media Award, probably for featuring the family's acceptance of Uncle Poodle, Alana's gay uncle Lee Thompson, who has since become an advocate for "queer rednecks" and recently revealed his status of being HIV-positive as a way to promote safe sex and frequent testing. Or it could be in regards to the family's acceptance of the homosexual pig community.


Prior to this, Honey Boo Boo wasn't exactly taken seriously as having any sort of cultural significance. People tend to joke about its trashiness or fret over how it's contributing to the dumbing-down of our society. Even Jodie Foster managed to imply both sentiments at the Golden Globes this year—in which she bizarrely asked for privacy during a seven minute speech broadcast to the entire world while accepting an award for being famous—saying, "You guys might be surprised but I am not Honey Boo Boo Child."

No, she's not. Foster doesn't see the value in people putting their real lives out there on display. Instead, she seemingly longs for the days of the glass closet. ("One day in the future people will look back and remember how beautiful it once was…") But there's something to be said for the Thompson family's shamelessness exposition—it lacks shame. And that's probably a lot more helpful to some gay kid in rural Alabama than listening to some 50-year-old lady dance around actual words in her coming out speech.

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Good for them! I don't have cable and don't watch the show, but I've enjoyed the few clips I've caught here and there on Jez. I appreciate that this family is blowing apart the stereotype of all Southern "rednecks" being homophobic.

I used to have neighbors very much like this family. Four kids; two of the boys in the same grade at school via failing; oldest daughter was unmarried with one child, a baby on the way, and her boyfriend in jail for petty larceny; they had a truckload of sand in the backyard because Dad got it for a song, but no use for it; Dad ran a carpet cleaning business out of a busted up van with his company name spray-painted on the side... I mean, really, just your stereotypical redneck family. And they were the nicest, best neighbors I have EVER had. They would give you their last slice of Wonder bread without blinking if you needed it, and they were that generous and big-hearted with everyone they encountered. We moved away from that area ten years ago, and I still miss having that family for neighbors.