Idiotic Article Says Girls Hate Game of Thrones Because Ew, Gross

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Of all the trend pieces about fake trends, this one claiming that ladies don't love Game of Thrones has got to be one of the dumbest. If I could, I'd sic Brienne of Tarth on them.


Thrillist, Daily Candy's frat bro, posted a goofy piece about why women dislike GoT. Let's see... we hate gross things, complicated storylines, nerds, and whores. Basically, we're the sorority sisters that hate the members of Animal House.

Paolo Sambrano over at the San Francisco Appeal rebutted:

I am convinced that the woman who wrote the “Why Girls Hate Game of Thrones” piece on Thrillist isn’t a woman, but an AI Construct made out of rejected Teen Talk Barbie sayings and still operates on the belief that boys have cooties.

>…you can always distract us with Mad Men. Girls may hate Game of Thrones, but we love Don Draper.

See also: math is hard, let’s go shopping.

There's a reason the Game of Thrones posts are some of Jezebel's most popular, and it's not because men are flocking to this site to know how many dongs were flashed last week (although they should be — Madeleine's recaps are off. the. CHAIN.). It's because Game of Thrones is arguably a feminist show, and even forgetting that: it's just really fucking entertaining and when we're taking a break from cooking, cleaning, and busting balls, we like to be entertained, too!

We also live within the world where Game of Thrones is a commercial and critical success, and we, like many people of all genders, are curious when it comes to things that everyone is talking about all the time everywhere. Men don't have to downplay the amount of incest and boobs in every episode, because we live in this world and already know what the show is about. It's not some secret cult hit for D&D players only, it's a show with an enormous fan following — and many of those fans? They're women.

If that's all too much for some to comprehend, let our friend Ben Wyatt break it down:

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Heather Simon

I know of no one who hates GoT. I haven't seen it yet, but plan to, but generally everyone I know loves it? Selection bias blah blah, but seriously. All my friends cream their pants over it. I don't get it. (Yet.) Well, I should say - don't get the "girls hate it" line.