Have You Ever Noticed that Meghan Markle's Mean Sister Samantha Looks Like Kim Cattrall?

From left to right: Kim Cattrall, with her left and right side reversed; Samantha Markle; regular Kim Cattrall
From left to right: Kim Cattrall, with her left and right side reversed; Samantha Markle; regular Kim Cattrall
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I have been sitting on this quiet observation for far too long, and feel compelled to share this with the general public, in the hopes that someone out there will confirm that I am not crazy. Doesn’t Samantha Markle, estranged half-sister of Meghan, look an awful lot like Kim Cattrall?


Samantha Markle’s face is a face with which we are all intimately familiar, only because she has been making it that way since her estranged half-sister Meghan became engaged to, then married, and is now impregnated via Prince Harry, the handsome ginger one. Roughly one month prior to Meghan and Harry’s blessed engagement, Samantha blew onto the scene like a friggin’ bat outta an overpriced loft in Hell’s Kitchen, with the news that she would be writing a tell-all memoir about her sister’s biracial identity and childhood. That book never came to fruition, but Samantha stayed on the scene, popping up like a hormonal pimple on America’s collective chin every now and again to say and do some sideways shit surrounding her sister. She can’t stop! She won’t stop! We are powerless to try, and so we must surrender.

In similar fashion, Samantha’s face-doppleganger Kim Cattrall has popped up now and again, but in a manner that, while still toxic to some, was mostly amusing to me. As Samantha Markle’s dim, sputtering star started to rise, the original Samantha with the same face and very different life path appeared in the news every now and again, thanks to a deeply stupid but still entertaining feud about whether or not anyone wanted anything to do with Sex and the City 3, a movie that has thankfully not seen the light of day.

As a result of these two beautiful pop culture events converging—and because of the nature of the job of working at Jezebel—I saw Samantha Markle’s face often, but I also saw Kim Cattrall’s. They have the same face! It’s a very similar face. The eyes are the same, the nose, slightly different, and the mouth region is similar enough to cause a double take if they were standing face to face on a crowded city street staring into each other’s eyes in shock, like when Hayley Mills meets herself in the original —and far superior—version of The Parent Trap.

If I walked past Kim Cattrall on the street, I might mistake her for Samantha Markle. There really are only so many templates for faces in this world that it is not surprising to me that one blonde white woman possesses a face that is very similar to another; I’m just tickled every time I am reminded of this observation and felt like it was time to stand in my truth.

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Tofutti Klein

Can you imagine the difference in going out for drinks with each of these ladies? I like to think Kim Cattrall would be all bawdy and fun like Samantha Jones after knocking back a couple of cosmos, whereas Meghan’s sister would be one of those weepy drunks that starts sobbing into their cups, going on and on about how mean her sister is and how unfair all of this is.