Samantha Markle Makes Derogatory, Hurtful Remark About Hamsters

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This pains me.


A dream interview with Silicon Valley stylist Victoria Hitchcock blows the lid off all kinds of fashion crimes, and I am here for this. Hitchcock speaks about coaching wealthy manboys to invest a shitton of money so they can throw out their shitty T-shirts and replace them with expensive T-shirts because this is now a world of extremely competitive not-caring. Please, all men, everywhere, heed her advice!

Nobody should be wearing khakis. I don’t even care if you’re on the East Coast. There are other color options, like dark olive green. Also, I don’t ever, ever, ever want to see flip-flops. Period. Okay? I don’t care if they are rubber or leather, and I don’t care if you are “just wearing them to your friend’s barbecue on the weekends.” No, you’re not. You look ridiculous.


And a verdict: Jeff Bezos is a fashion yes, Mark Zuckerberg needs to try harder.


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Can we stop with the “half sister” stuff? I know in this situation there are many reasons to highlight the distinction, but I grew up with a technically “half sister” who I consider simply a I guess it just grates on my nerves. She was raised by my Dad and it’s a hurtful thing to highlight the fact that she had a biologically different father lol